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“INKESH PARMAR FRAUD “Free Social Service for the Victims of Inkesh Parmar & all his partners” (Almost 200 Peoples/Centers cheated by him, his fake companies and his all partners till now)

Hello Guys,

If any center or people cheated by “Inkesh Parmar from Pune” (09822834708 /09765694380/09898861717/Zglobalservices /AC Techno Wings / Orakle Infotech) and his partners then please contact me immediately. I have Submit a case and prepared a solid file against him, his father (Jayanti Lal Mohan Lal Parmar) and also his all partners in CBI ( IPC 120(B),415,419,420,467,468,471)

I have taken all my money in my own way and now I want to give justice to others and repulse all these frauds from this industry. So go ahead with me. I need only victim person’s details immediately.


Mahmud Khan



Review about: Fraud.


Pune, Maharashtra, India #652607


Null and Void Compaints

Coming to your post for Description of being Cheated by Zglobalservices i.e Inkesh Parmar. I would like to intimate some of IMP Facts Regarding the Post. Mr Mahmud Khan you Never Singed any agreement with Zglobalservices or Inkesh Parmar.The Client with whom you singed decided the fate of your process and not me Your Quality of operation was failing and poor due to which you were not able to sustain and project were suggested to you were terminated. Now Zglobalservices which More over work as a liasoning Agency trying to match the expectation of the client and delivery of vendors as a consulting agency we do not accept any further responsibility then this. As Sensible vendor or service provider you never did due diligence of any of the projects vaiblity to protect your own business interest. Hence you have no moral and Legal Rights to Blame others for your incompetence of handling the project or any project given to you.You always singed an agreement with Direct Vendor where i was never parted to such agreement. Where as a Consulting firm we had taken 60,000/- as our consultancy fee which you had willingly paid to us. The Transaction was done from Your Personal Account to My personal Account. No Company Transactions with us. get you facts clear before writing on the any of your firms that you mentioned in your post.

by instigating other Services provider and Unlawfully and with Malafide intention of damaging my Reputation and causing mental agony you are liable of compensation of such damages there fore you requested to route you grievances through legal pursuit to which my legal Ad visors will promptly and beautifully rebut your false allegations.Any Further direct Contact with me or any other false posting against me will compel me to claim compensation for damages brought in thereof.




Fake Complaints


All forum members this is support team from Zglobalservices, we will really appreciate if all the complainers can reveal there real respective identities and post here complains. As the complainants have remarked the company M/s Zglobalservices as fake, we want to know the remark passers original name and contact details on the same open forum we declare that, we neither know and neither have worked with anyone with the name of Udai Signh, Atultitu, or Mkkhan as there names is reveled on the posting, if either of you all has ever worked for/with Zglobalservices then, please reveal your experience and identities on open forum and we will clarify them on the open forum and we also welcome any genuine query related to us, but the posting should have some base and relevent proofs, just passing remarks will not really help.


We request to the members those who are posting against Zglobalservices should either come up with there original identity Or else they shouldn’t come at all on such open public forums if they really mean to help other people on the forum as they are pretending to do. If you do not dare to come up with your contact details and identities then please stop posting the wrong information which is misleading the forum.

We will really appreciate that if Atultitu, mkkhan, udai signh can post the contract signed with Zglobalservices or the snap shots of the mail which being communicated from Zglobalservices, which proves that they have ever worked with or for us, then only we will be clarifying the issues just for random posting from any of our rivals we cannot help them this is a forum were any one can post any thing regarding anyone regardless of any verification of their identities so we will request all the complainers to at least leave there contact details on the forum for further communication, without contact details we really cannot understand the complainers identity and intention.


And people who say that we give targets which cannot be achieved, please answer this and post if any of the mentioned facts are wrong or imperialistic, yes we can stop anyone from just writing there wishes and express the personal baseless opinions.


Inkesh Parmar



yes , inkesh parmar moder *** is a big big fraud . he cheated my friend also .

he has a big gang .

*** guy cheated many many innocent peoples. *** this dog

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